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Luke & Jackie — Minted





What will Jackie wear? Will she be wearing a wedding dress?

This has been the most frequently asked question by far! You guys, I don't know. This is my least favorite part. I'll wear something that makes it feel celebratory and special, but still something that I'm comfortable in. Maybe a dress. Maybe not. Nothing fancy. I'll be relying on Luke and his girls to help me figure it out. You'll just have to wait and see.

That said, we hope you will also wear whatever feels most festive and comfortable for you.

When is the actual ceremony?

The ceremony will be in the morning of May 25th. We wish we could invite you all to that part as well, but neither of us do well speaking in front of large groups and we want to be able to be present, so we are keeping it very small.

I have never square danced before. Should I practice/take lessons?

No dance lessons required. Liz makes this fun and accessible even for beginners like us. Really, we are terrible at square dancing, but we have had lots of fun the few times we have done it. Lots of laughter.

Can I bring something/help in any way?

We may reach out to you if there is something specific we have in mind that we want your help with. But generally, please bring an adventurous spirit and a willingness to roll with our less than perfectly planned wedding celebration.